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A Standard Arms Co "CAMP 50" ....Serial # 5 !!!!!

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A Standard Arms Co "CAMP 50" ....Serial # 5 !!!!!

Item#: STD50
Asking Price: $3,995.00

This gun is the holy grail of Standard Arms collecting!!! A "CAMP 50" in high original factory condition, with presentation grade wood and SERIAL # 5 !!!!   Yes, #5 and all matching. I know of no one who has seen a lower numbered Standard Arms gun of any description, let alone a CAMP 50 smoothbore model.

It is believed that there were only about 2 dozen CAMP 50 guns ever made in total and they are rarely if ever encountered today. In my research no one is actually sure what exact cartridge this gun was made to handle other than some variant of a .50 caliber likely charged with shot as it is a smoothbore gun. The very few Standard Arms catalogs that I have seen do not mention the CAMP 50 nor the cartridge.

Standard Arms produced a high quality gun just after the turn of the last century with only a few thousand rifles produced in Wilmington, Delaware. History tells us that they were not able to compete with the giant established manufacturers even though their guns were of nice design & excellent fit & finish. Notice that there are no external screws on the receiver of the gun. The top half slides off the bottom half by a special takedown arrangement.

This gun is in high original factory condition both metal & wood & totally unmolested. It was gently used showing light wear & handling marks. The pictures show it well. Mint bright bore. Operates as it should. Some minor cracks & voids by forend screws do not detract. Sharp crisp barrel markings.

Plain & simple just a very nice example of an extremely rare American sporting gun of the golden era.


Barrel Length:22"

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