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AH Fox DE 28ga shotgun CSMC 5pounds 3oz!!!!


AH Fox DE 28ga shotgun CSMC 5pounds 3oz!!!!

Item#: AH Fox 28
Asking Price: $0.00

Here is a delightful little 28ga Fox shotgun that is a pleasure in every respect. The original AH Fox company never offered guns in 28ga so this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a fantastic little 28 with the AH Fox style and beauty.

This gun was built in 1996 and is a credit to the workmanship of the CSMC company. This gun looks like a vintage Fox...it fits right along side a group of early Philadelphia Fox guns. I have never seen or heard about a lighter AH Fox shotgun...this is a little wand with the 28" bbls!

The engraving is relief and jumps out crisply from every angle. Rebated and scalloped receiver. Two flushing grouse on the left side, two pheasants on the left & a woodcock in flight on the underside of the frame...the balance covered in floral scrollwork. The barrel breech wedges engraved tastefully. NO monogram or initials engraved.

This gun has 28" barrels choked .005 (IC) & .010 (lt mod). Twin ivory beads.

The walnut on this gun is spectacular in color and figure from every angle, all sides. Deep honey color with exquisite tobacco figure. The slender straight grip has a slight diamond shape. Graceful splinter forend with ebony inlaid tip. Engraved heel and toe engraved buttplates. This Fox gun stops people in their tracks when they see it.

14 1/2" LOP 1 5/16" DAC 1 3/4" DAH. Cast off.

Non-automatic safety, automatic ejectors, double triggers.

I offer this piece many thousands under replacement cost...with no wait time. This gun is superior to many than I have seen in it's overall execution. It has the appearance of an Exhibition grade gun.


Weight:5# 3oz
Barrel Length:28"
LOP:14 1/2"
DAC:1 5/16"
DAH:1 3/4"