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A Winchester Model 1886 Rifle Case Color .45-70 Antique

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A Winchester Model 1886 Rifle Case Color .45-70 Antique

Item#: 1886/4570
Asking Price: $4,795.00

This Winchester 1886 rifle is a true survivor with tons of honest original untouched factory condition. Original factory case color remaing. Antique manufacture. Popular & desirable .45-70 chambering.

26" round barrel, full magazine, crescent butt. Original front sight & rear ladder sight. Most screws nearly untouched... little evidence of a screwdriver on a couple but minor.

This 1886 retains a strong amount of it's factory case color hardening. Most prominent on left side of receiver, lever & hammer. Balance has toned to a nice honest untouched patina with traces of color in protected areas. Never scrubbed.

Barrel & magazine blue is factory original and fairly bright, starting to tone lightly to plum in some areas. Sharp original markings. About an inch of lightly scattered "blood pitting" at muzzle. Does not detract. see pics. Magazine band tight & unfooled with.

Both buttstock & forend are factory original & fit as they left the factory. Unsanded. Uncracked. Majority of factory wood finish remains with minor handling marks & bumps. Buttplate fit & finish original.

Bore remains excellent & bright with strong lands & grooves. I'd rate it a strong 8 1/2 out of 10 and very excellent for and antique era .45/70
Action is tight & crisp & operates nicely. No lever droop.

This gun likely saw honest gentle use with no abuse it it's 100+ year lifetime. Tons of character & condition.


Barrel Length:26"

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