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Winchester Model 1895 Deluxe NEAR NEW !!!


Winchester Model 1895 Deluxe NEAR NEW !!!

Item#: 1895 D
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This Winchester is one of the finest original Model 1895 Deluxe rifles is existance! This is the Winchester model that Theodore Roosevelt made famous in his around the world hunting exploits.

Made & shipped in 1902 it is truly a special order rifle which has remained in near new ORIGINAL condition for over 100 years. Copy of Winchester Cody Firearms Museum record pictured for this gun....it letters right down to the special order sights!

This gun was ordered in the powerful .35 Winchester caliber. The grain and figure in the fancy checkered buttstock and forend is fantastic...complimented by the original OIL FINISH. Hard rubber shotgun buttplate. Minor handling marks are present in the wood commensurate with 100 years of gentle handling. No cracks or chips or extra holes.

The original blue on this gun is nearly all there with a slightest amount of wear on the right side of box magazine where the lever mechanism has travelled a few times. The receiver of this gun has the deepest rich blue that I have ever seen on a Winchester. The Winchester factory craftsmen who worked on this special order rifle obviously spent extra time with it's polish. All edges & corners are razor sharp & crisp! Screws are untouched.

This gun still retains the case color on the hammer and brilliant case color on the trigger block mechanism which I have never seen remaining on a Model 1895.

The special order Lyman sights add to the charm of this near new Deluxe. At some point long ago the sight filler blank on the barrel was upgraded to a proper Winchester rear sight.

This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a nearly new Deluxe rifle. It is a "blue-chip" investment grade Winchester for the advanced collector. A special order gun in this condition will continue to appreciate for a collector OR savy investor.