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Winchester Model 1876 Second Model Antique


Winchester Model 1876 Second Model Antique

Item#: 1876 2nd
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This is a great early Winchester with a pile of original finishes and lots a character!!

This big ol' rifle was built in 1879 (133 years ago)and has survived well. SN 6729. Generous amounts of original factory blue on receiver & full octagon barrel. Magazine tube has gone to silver/patina with blue in protected areas.

.45-75 caliber (only caliber offered that early in production) See fact sheet from Cody Winchester Museum which specifies "with lid" refering to the transition from the first open top model to this early sliding dustcover variation which is difficult to find.

Very nice bright bore with strong lands & grooves...really remains in fine shape from this era of black powder. I rate the bore a 7 out of 10.

Very unique sights...I have never seen another folding sight like this one in person with the thick "buckhorn" area. Front sight is a target type of affair. Both very interesting authentic sights.

Screws & markings are far far above average for any antique Winchester.

The wood on this gun is very sound, tight and unsanded. Areas of original finish remain. The rear part of the buttstock has many dings/dents "beauty marks". This big heavy rifle was used and the wood attests to that...but not in a bad damaged way...just honest use. The forend has similar handling marks but is very sound and nice. (may have a very hairline crack along the bottom but it is sound and good).

This gun is unfooled with and is a super example of a Second Model '76. Priced for immediate sale. As an antique, it can be shipped right to your door.


Barrel Length:28"